This aperture and depth of field project has really been a fun project for me. When you’re taking these types of pictures, you are able to put objects into focus that you wouldn’t normally be able to and they look closer than they are. You can make objects that are thirty or forty yards away seem as if they were ten feet in front of you. Being able to go out shooting and experiment with the camera with depth of field and aperture really helped me understand the concept. Depending on the aperture you use, it will affect the image that you produce, making parts of not as sharp as others. When I am taking pictures, I will always keep depth of field in my mind because it will allow me to capture a different feeling in the photo than any other way would. If I want to get a lot of stuff into focus and they are spread out over a distance, then I will use depth of field to capture the image. Depth of field and aperture are very important in photography and I really enjoyed the project. I was able to make it look like the stadium stairs were very close, as well as the houses on the hill in the back. However, these were actually very far away from me, about 40 yards. Being able to do that with a photograph is very interesting to me.


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